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Recapturing Yesterday For Today

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Paladin Radiators has played a significant part in reviving the cast iron radiator over the past 10 years by faithfully copying and manufacturing these wonderful old pieces of functional art and bringing to the market a comprehensive and historically correct range of cast iron radiators. Each design has been carefully handpicked to bring to the market the very best selection for a wide usage within every period and size of home including the contemporary home. Paladin researched original radiators from schools, hospitals, churches and public buildings as well as large private mansions. Many original radiators were designed for a particular building and once produced and installed the cast iron radiator mould was destroyed or never used again therefore there are some very rare specimens about, at a rare price!! Paladin’s cast iron radiators range was very carefully chosen and are historically correct and we have had the pleasure of working on some interesting projects with the National Trust and English Heritage on many renowned homes both public and privately owned. Read more click Project Board

Not so long ago the cast iron radiator was a dinosaur of the past, discarded with distain and relegated to the scrap yard to be replaced by the modern radiator. Sadly many of the original beautiful cast iron radiators have been destroyed and our heritage was so very nearly extinguished forever. As old original radiators became more and more rare they became increasingly expensive and therefore were only available to a few, becoming an elitist product. Paladin has endeavoured to faithfully reproduce some of the remaining beautiful pieces of functional art and market them at a price that is more widely affordable. It is interesting to read and learn more about the pros and cons of purchasing the original cast iron radiator as opposed to the heritage style cast iron radiator click Original v Reproduction Cast Iron Radiators.

The development and mass production of cast iron radiators was an American idea, the first patents dating back to 1841. Mr Joseph Nason who established the Nason Manufacturing Company in America in 1841 came to England and worked with Mr A M Perkins the inventor of the Perkins hot water system of heating. Mr Nason and Mr Perkins directed foundries in London and elsewhere in Britain and together with Robert Briggs patented a steam radiator in 1862. Soon afterwards in 1872 Nelson H Bundy invented the Bundy Loop, a cast iron radiator design which played an important role in the ongoing evolution of the cast iron radiator as we know it today.  Until 1892 many American manufacturers manufactured a variety of designs and three principle manufacturers merged to form the American Radiator Company who also produced in Hull in the early 1900’s where they manufactured radiators under The Ideal brand name, these can often be indentified in a scrap yard today. An interesting passage from The American Radiator Company’s sales catalogue dated 1897 reads “ the fact that our radiators are used in an increasing majority of the modern palatial office and public buildings and the better class of residences in this country inviting the most critical attention of the best heating engineers to every feature of their construction, is the highest possible endorsement of the excellence and superiority of our goods and eloquently testifies to the splendid results afforded by them”. The Paladin St Paul cast iron radiator is a faithful copy of the original by the American Radiator Company and in their catalogue of 1897 it is described as “a work of art in iron”.

Soon after the 1950s the cast iron radiator waned in popularity and the modern radiator, “paint it and disguise it” culture came along. However in the past few years the cast iron radiator has enjoyed a major revival in popularity and has become a desirable feature taking pride of place in homes both period and modern. Paladin takes great pride in being a part of the resurrection of this old iron art form and has taken much time to faithfully reproduce the old original styles to bring back to life the beauty and form of the original cast iron radiator.

Here are some examples and history of the Paladin cast iron radiator range
Clarendon Cast Iron Radiator

The Clarendon

The typical old school radiator found widely in most Victorian schools and colleges, aptly named by Paladin after the famous Clarendon Schools borne out of the Clarendon Commission of 1865 which included Eton, Harrow and Winchester. Totally plain to suit its environment at the time and with a high heat output with its large surface area per section. A great choice today from the Paladin cast iron radiator range for both period and modern settings.

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Bartholomew Cast Iron Radiator

The Bartholomew

The typical hospital radiator, again like the old school radiator very plain to suit its original environment with a high heat output per section. This cast iron radiator style is a bestselling radiator for Paladin as it compliments both the period and modern home.

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Saint Paul Cast Iron Radiator

The St Paul

Originally manufactured by the American Radiator Company in 1897, a true work of art in iron as described by its manufacturers at that time. It is a wonderful example of an old church cast iron radiator with its magnificent cherubs depicted at its crown, a remarkable cast iron radiator for a room that requires a glorious centre piece.

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