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Paladin Radiators is a family run business which began over 10 years ago by Helen Proctor, the Managing Director. Helen has a passion for interior design and renovating period properties and has extensive experience in renovating Georgian, Victorian and Regency homes. Helen Proctor Out of this passion grew the realisation that a lot of period homes had suffered the trend in the 60s and 70s of removing the original cast iron radiators and replacing them with modern steel radiators. Extensions and outbuilding projects utilised modern radiators due to the price and lack of availability of affordable cast iron radiators at the time.

These modern steel radiators not only looked out of place but also did not provide the heat output necessary to comfortably heat rooms efficiently. During her renovation projects Helen gained quotations to put back the cast iron radiator within her period refurbishments and was shocked at the price offered at that time over 15 years ago. She saw an opportunity to put together a traditional heritage range of cast iron radiators at an affordable price and offer this to the UK market. Paladin were one of the first traditional style cast iron radiator companies to be launched and since that day Paladin has grown in size due to the demand. Paladin Radiators now export all over the world and deliver cast iron radiators to over 8,000 homes per year.

Paladin have worked with the National Trust and become a registered National Trust suppplier and have also worked with English Heritage providing cast iron radiators for many important buildings. No longer is the cast iron radiator an elitist product, expensive and rare, it is now available to all as an affordable option. From a business that started in the out houses of her present listed Regency home there have been several work shop moves to cope with the stock and work space required. Paladin now occupies a 30,000 square foot workshop and holds over 700 tons of cast iron radiator stock and is expanding ranges and services regularly to cope with demand.

Paladin Team In The Paladin Workshop

Along with her passion for period properties Helen’s flair for interior design and colour has prompted the Paladin Workshop Team to perfect magnificent hand finished paint finishes on the radiators and Paladin were the first traditional style cast iron radiator company to offer the hand polished option. Over the years the antiqued effect and the highlight effect have offered clients the opportunity to create a stunning centre piece for their homes and the Paladin Sales Team help where ever they can to inspire ideas to compliment each customer’s home, creating a bespoke beautifully finished product that is not only a functional piece but a work of art in iron.

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