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Which Radiator For Efficiency?

Often the old ideas were the best and in the case of the cast iron radiator this is certainly true. The cast iron radiator gives out far more energy efficient heat than the modern steel equivalent.

Many period homes, churches and public buildings discarded their original cast iron radiators, disconnected them from the system and threw them onto the scarp heap as old and outdated, replacing them with modern steel radiators. This trend began in the 1960's and 70's. As there were no more cast iron radiators being produced the cast iron radiator moved towards extinction. Paladin Radiators pioneered the resurrection of the cast iron radiator more than a decade ago, as many homes were not heating up well with the less efficient modern steel replacement and these steel radiators did not look right in the period styled rooms.

Why Are Cast Iron Radiators An Energy Saving Radiator?

With Paladin's vast experience over the years of putting back the cast iron radiator into many period buildings the proof as they say has been "in the eating of the pudding". So many clients have commented on the better heat output within their homes since the Paladin cast iron radiator replaced the modern radiator. Cast iron radiators are energy efficient radiators and a good energy saving radiator choice. Cast iron is far denser and heavier than steel thus the cast iron holds the heat for a far longer length of time once your boiler has been switched off. The cast iron radiator will gradually cool down whereas the steel radiator will loose its heat far quicker and render a room space cooler in a much quicker space of time.

Studies have also shown that the conductivity of cast iron is higher than steel and therefore the heat transfer from the cast iron radiator surface into the room is much better than steel. Steel tends to emit a blast of heat in a short space of time whereas cast iron, although will take a little longer to reach temperature, will gently radiate an ambient heat over a much longer period of time. Higher amounts of carbon in cast iron allows it to retain heat for a longer period of time than steel. This high carbon content allows heat to diffuse through the cast iron evenly which means the surface conducts heat more efficiently making the cast iron radiator a more energy saving radiator.

Will The Boiler Provide Better Energy Efficient Heating With Cast Iron Radiators?

Yes the boiler will benefit from cast iron radiators because the temperature of the water that is returning to the boiler is hotter when cast iron radiators are on the system as opposed to modern steel radiators. As the cast iron radiator will hold its heat better and for longer the water in the system will return to the boiler hotter making the boiler more efficient providing better energy efficient heating.

Will Cast Iron Radiators Be More Efficient In A Modern Building

Originally cast iron radiators were seen as more efficient for period homes only with their large room and lofty ceilings however there is a growing number of heating consultants and architects now specifying cast iron radiators for new properties due to the efficiency and better looking design choices that enhance the rooms. As we move towards more energy efficient heating with the use of our energy resources, modern homes are now enjoying the benefits of the efficient cast iron radiator on modern central heating systems.

The Electric Cast Iron Radiator and Energy Efficient Heating

Paladin Electric Cast Iron Radiator

Our electric cast iron radiators provide energy efficient heating as they give a very flexible heating method allowing rooms that do not require heating during the day can be switched off, to save money and energy because each heating element has thermostatic control settings. Using the bathroom in the summer, you can heat your electric radiators for extra comfort without heating the rest of the house and bedrooms during the day can easily be switched off to save energy as well as living areas during the night, giving you the opportunity to enjoy flexible energy efficient radiators with cost effective heat.

The mindset that cast iron radiators are old and inefficient is rapidly diminishing as today's market is increasingly understanding and experiencing the efficiency of cast iron. This efficiency of cast iron has proven to be a valuable asset when choosing radiators with green heat sources such as ground and air source heating systems.

See our full range of Paladin cast iron radiators and choose a radiator to transform into an electric cast iron radiator.

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