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Wall Mounted Cast Iron Radiators

Paladin Radiators have always strived to offer a wide choice of style and size in cast iron radiators for both free standing and wall mounted cast iron radiators, bringing to the market affordability as well as flexibility for all room sizes. The cast iron radiator range that Paladin offers comes in a variety of depths ranging from 230mm deep to 69mm deep. For our wall mounted cast iron radiator it is best to choose a slimline depth cast iron radiator. There is plenty of choice for a wall mounted radiator within the Paladin range ranging from 460mm high for under windows to 1040mm high providing a magnificent look for a narrow hallway or small reception room.

Our wall mounted cast iron radiator is heavy and needs to be firmly fixed to the wall with special wall brackets and wall stays to support the weight. Care must be taken to attach suitable wall fixings to a wall that is stable enough to hold the full weight of the wall mounted cast iron radiator. The appropriate wall plugs and fixings must be used and full advice regarding this is available from the Paladin Sales Team.

Wall mounted cast iron radiators are custom built section by section, just as a floor standing cast iron radiator, but with a wall mounted cast iron radiator it is built from all middle sections with no integral leg sections.

When Should You Consider A Wall Mounted Cast Iron Radiator?

If you find you do not have the space for a free standing cast iron radiator when space is at a premium in a narrow hallway, small apartment rooms or behind the door in a small bathroom, our wall mounted radiator is the answer.

styles for wall mounted cast iron radiators

Which Paladin Cast Iron Radiator Style Is Best For A Wall Mounted Radiator?

The plain slimline column cast iron radiator styles are the best option for a wall mounted radiator. Paladin's Edwardian 2 Column cast iron radiator range is perfect, measuring only 69mm deep, providing a neat narrow choice that does not protrude into the room too far when it is hanging on the wall.

Further style choices for wall mounted cast iron radiators would be our Pimlico radiators at only 110mm depth, our Victoriana 4 Column Slimline at only 113mm depth and our Victoriana 3 Column radiators at only 120mm depth.

suitable for wall mounted radiators

Our Wall Mounted Radiators Are Easy To Install

Our wall mounted cast iron radiators are easily installed to your existing heating system. Whether you decide to have our cast iron radiators in every room or you just want one wall mounted radiator as a feature in a special area, they will install onto a modern system with ease. Alternatively choose the electric cast iron radiators for those rooms where wet plumbing is not readily available such as attics, cellars and conservatories.

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Choice Of Finishes For The Wall mounted Cast Iron Radiator

Choose from a wide range of colours and paint effects to finish our wall mounted radiators or alternatively choose the beautiful hand polished finish. Don't forget to look at the stunning range of Paladin's antique style thermostatic and manual radiator valves and fittings to complete the total look.

Radiator Valves and Fittings

The Painting Service

Hand Polished Service

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