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What Is Meant By The Term Retro Radiators

Retro is a culturally outdated or aged style, trend, mode, or fashion, from the past, that has since that time become functionally or superficially the norm once again.

The Paladin Sales Team are often asked for a retro cast iron radiator style and as such all the cast iron radiators within the Paladin range are retro radiators as they are all faithfully recreated from past designs that have once again become fashionable.

Paladin Radiators have recreated historically correct cast iron radiators

For more than a decade Paladin Radiators have carefully reproduced cast iron radiator ranges from original cast iron radiators to bring to the market an authentic yet affordable range of cast iron radiators. Our attractive cast iron radiators are usable for all period homes and Paladin Radiators have shown how these cast iron radiators can also enhance the contemporary home.

What Traditional Cast Iron Radiator Design Is Right For My Period Home?

The Paladin Sales Team often offer advice on the most appropriate style of cast iron radiator for period homes that require traditional cast iron radiators. Paladin Radiators have carefully recreated traditional cast iron radiators that are authentic for heritage homes.

The traditional cast iron radiator was originally invented in the 1830's and until then homes did not benefit from what is known now as central heating. More can be learned from our cast iron radiator history page.

The Georgian period home or smaller period cottage will benefit from the simple lines and minimal depth of the slimline cast iron radiators within the Paladin range, these include the slimline Victoriana cast iron radiator and the Pimlico cast iron radiator. The cast iron radiator had not been invented during this era however these styles compliment well the simple lined architecture of the Georgian era.

The Victorian period home can benefit from many of the styles within the Paladin traditional cast iron radiator range. The Victoriana, Bartholomew and Clarendon cast iron radiator ranges are the main plain cast iron radiators designed and installed into most Victorian homes of the day. There is also a wide choice of ornate cast iron radiators offered by Paladin Radiators which suit the larger Victorian home, depending upon space availability and suitability of the design depicted upon the cast iron radiator. The Oxford, Piccadilly, Montpellier, Shaftsbury, and Saint Paul cast iron radiator ranges offered by Paladin Radiators are the perfect choice for the larger Victorian home.

The Edwardian period home can benefit from the Arts and Crafts design of the Edwardian cast iron radiator range as well as the Kensington cast iron radiator. Smart handsome lines and repeating celtic design are typically found in the Edwardian era.

The Retro Look

The retro look, we have found in our experience over the years, is a funky vintage look that clients are trying to achieve in more modern settings. Mixing traditional with minimal modern living has become quite trendy and the results can be stunning with a traditional cast iron radiator painted in a thoroughly bright modern paint finish against a modern ornate wall paper, plain wall or open plan glass wall.

The Bespoke Cast Iron Radiator

The choice of traditional cast iron radiators within the Paladin range is extensive and there is a cast iron radiator suitable for every room and age of property. The bespoke cast iron radiator is a wonderfully creative purchase and can be as individual as you and your home, creating a functional centre piece that is truly magnificent.

For the bespoke cast iron radiator there are so many choices within the Paladin cast iron radiator range. Once you have chosen your cast iron radiator style look at all the bespoke cast iron radiator finishes we have to offer from unique antique cast iron radiator paint effects, highlight paint effects, historical and metallic colours as well as the superb hand polished finish. The Paladin Sales Team can offer advice if required on the right bespoke cast iron radiator finish for your home.

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