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Original And Reproduction Cast Iron Radiator

The difference between an original and a reproduction cast iron radiator is simply, an original cast iron radiator is over 150 years old and an reproduction is new. Following the revival of the cast iron radiator in popularity came the dilemma of whether to choose the original 150 year old cast iron radiator that has been refurbished ready for installation or choose a traditional style reproduction of the original.Reproduction cast iron radiators can be good or bad copies for clear design details depending on the quality of the mould used.

original cast iron radiatorsvictoriana reproduction cast iron radiators

The choice between the reproduction or original cast iron radiator has dwindled over the past years as original cast iron radiators have become quite rare now and are therefore prohibitively expensive. The other main disadvantage of the old original version, as well as the cost, is the fact that during the extraction of the heavy cast iron radiator from its original placement, along with the intrusive shot blasting refurbishment program, the original seals may well have become damaged and therefore are more likely to cause leakage problems once installed. These seals cannot be replaced with a modern equivalent and so therefore render the original cast iron radiator unusable. However the main advantage of finding an old original cast iron radiator that does not leak is the fact that it is a true living antique and may well be unique in its design and unavailable in reproduction form.

oxford reproduction radiatorvictorian original cast iron radiator

The traditional style reproduction cast iron radiator on the other hand is guaranteed against leaking. The reproduction radiator is hand built and uses the same joining tools and methods as the old originals which were put together over 150 years ago. It is an old craft that has been revived by Paladin Radiators and can be viewed when making an appointment to visit our showroom and workshop, Paladin Workshop, Making An Appointment.

There is also the major advantage of the Paladin cast iron radiators, the prices are affordable and you can purchase many radiators for your home that match without searching high and low across the country in various architectural salvage yards for a matching set. The quality of the Paladin reproduction cast iron radiator is also for the most part difficult to tell apart from the original. It is also good to point out that you should beware of disreputable dealers selling “old originals” at a high price that are in fact new cast iron radiators, as the originals have become scarce this is happening more and more.

Finally in this modern age we have British Standard testing which assures the heat output of the Paladin cast iron radiator, our radiators are tested for quality and efficiency i.e. you are purchasing a cast iron radiator with a measured and known heat output. This is not possible with an old original cast iron radiator and an old original cannot be built to size, as a reproduction can, for the exact heat output you require for your room space. An old original may well be too large or too small for your room space and so therefore not ideal and not efficient.

finishing touches of reproduction cast iron radiators

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