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Choosing Cast Iron Radiators Using Green Heat Systems

When considering a heating system for your property, there are now many different types of system to choose from with an increasing accent on selecting systems that use renewable energy or environmentally friendly systems.

A common green heat system incorporates the use of heat pumps such as those found in ground and air source heating systems. Heat pumps work by moving or transferring heat from one place to another e.g. from deep underground or the air into your property. A ground source heating system, for example, has a closed heating circuit where pipes flow over 2 metres underground, as the earth is consistently warmer than ground level. The heat from the earth is transferred into the water running through the pipes then flows up into your property where a heat pump will move the water around your radiators for heat to then radiate into your rooms. The circuit will then continue back underground to transfer more heat in order to keep your property at the desired temperature as shown below.

Diagram showing how green heat systems work

Will Cast Iron Radiators Work Well With Green Heat Systems?

Many of Paladin's clients have asked us about choosing cast iron radiators for their green heat system and how efficient are they compared to modern steel radiators. The answer is that cast iron radiators are very efficient owing to their excellent conductivity and density. Cast iron radiators work well with today's energy efficient and renewable energy heating systems as they utilise the natural heat generated from the ground or air to heat your home very efficiently.

Due to the density and conductivity of cast iron radiators, the heat that is transferred from the natural heat source, ground, air or solar, is held for longer in the cast iron metal far better than steel. Steel will give a quick blast of heat and lose its temperature very quickly, making the heat pump work harder to keep the property at temperature. As cast iron radiators hold the heat for longer, when the water completes another circuit of heat transfer from the natural source and into the property, as cast iron radiators hold heat well the returning water to the heat pump is warmer and the heat pump can run more efficiently due to this factor. Your rooms are also kept at the desired consistent temperature creating a more efficient comfortable heating system.

Results When Using Cast Iron Radiators With Green Heat Sources

A client who purchased Paladin cast iron radiators had decided to opt for a ground source heating system for his period property and was concerned to choose the right kind of radiators for the system. As it was a period property he wanted to choose cast iron radiators but had been advised by his heating engineer that steel radiators would be his best option. After debating the options available, he decided to heat one floor with steel radiators and the other floor with Paladin's cast iron radiators. After having his system in place for over a year, he found that the floor with cast iron radiators was heated consistently to a far better temperature than the floor with steel radiators.

Another client who had chosen to use a wood burning boiler for a more natural and energy saving heating system noticed that all the Paladin cast iron radiators he had installed held the heat so much better than the steel radiators within certain of his rooms. As the wood burning boiler lost pressure, before needing to be re-stoked, the steel radiators became cold much quicker yet the rooms with the cast iron radiators remained at a more even temperature due to the heat they held. This client has since removed all his steel radiators and replaced them with the Paladin cast iron radiators.

Consult An Expert Before Choosing A Renewable Heat System

Paladin have received substantial feedback from plumbers and heating engineers who have installed renewable energy source heating systems coupled with steel radiators or under floor heating and comment that the results had proven disappointing. However, the same sources say that when they have installed cast iron radiators, more efficient heating was experienced with more even heating consistently throughout the winter months. When deciding upon a green heat source for your heating system it is highly advisable to consult an expert on the subject as all Paladin's cast iron radiator heat outputs are given at Delta 50 degrees C which is the normal running temperature of a system using oil, gas or electric fired boilers.

Many green heat systems will require heat output calculations at between Delta 25 and 45 degrees C due to the fact that the water in the system utilising green heat runs into the system at a lower temperature than a conventional heating system. The Paladin Sales Team can recalculate the heat outputs for you if Delta 50 degrees c is not enough or is too low as some conventional systems run at Delta 60 degrees C.

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