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Choosing The Right Radiator

There are many types of radiator and choosing one for your home can seem a daunting task. Our Paladin Sales Team guide you, giving advice and technical help whenever needed or asked for. We are there to help you as well as take orders so do not be afraid to ask questions.

What Types Of Radiator Should I Consider?

Radiators are mostly made from cast iron, steel or aluminium. These metals have different properties providing different radiator efficiency and will perform differently in your home. Some radiators are very plain, even ugly and are best hidden as much as possible, others are meant to be seen and create a real feature in your home. Most radiators are designed for wet systems, being fed with hot water from a central heat source, others can be heated directly with electricity so plumbing installation is not required.

Are Cast Iron Radiators Right For Me?

Paladin Radiators specialise in cast iron radiators for many very good reasons. Our radiators are highly heat efficient, far better than steel or aluminium and and added to that our cast iron radiators are stunningly attractive, view our many types of cast iron radiators and bespoke radiator finishes to create a magnificent and individual feature in your home. Our cast iron radiators are also suitable for both modern and period properties and are very affordable, they are also suitable for most water heating systems including green heat sources. Finally our cast iron radiators are suitable for transforming into an electric cast iron radiator where a wet plumbing system is not available. In conclusion the cast iron radiator is the most efficient, attractive and versatile radiator choice for both period and modern homes.

Which Size Of Radiator Do I Need?

It is important to choose the right size of radiator, the first step to get right is the heat output required for each room space you wish to place a radiator. Heat output is measured in BTU (British Thermal Units) or Watts. Measure your room and note its various heating characteristics, for example does it have an outside wall or double glazing. Calculate your BTU requirements and if required the Paladin Sales Team can help you with this as it is important to get right.

Which Paladin Cast Iron Radiator Do I Need?

Paladin Radiators have over 60 radiators on display in our Paladin Showroom to help you choose the right cast iron radiator style for your home, you are welcome to come and visit our showroom alongside our Paladin Workshop. We give you advice on all accessories required and you will be able to see the many custom finishes we offer. Why not visit us at one of our many exhibitions which may be near you for more information, please view our exhibitions page. Once we have your heat outputs required per room and your choice of cast iron radiator height and style we can then provide an instant free quotation and a specification sheet for each room with helpful radiator dimensions for your plumber.

How Do I Choose The Finish I Need?

Paladin Radiators have a huge selection of custom finishes to stimulate your imagination and we can colour match any paint colour you have used within a room or colour match to a wallpaper sample. Talk to our Paladin Sales Team about the style and age of your home along with your colour schemes and the look you wish to achieve, this will help narrow down the best choices for your custom finished cast iron radiator.

Contact Us if you feel you want to talk over your ideas and thoughts. We are here to help and can provide free quotations within 48 hours. Telephone 01205 280354 or email

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