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Manual Radiator Valves For Cast Iron Radiators

All our cast iron radiators will need radiator valves in order to control them and connect your cast iron radiator to your existing heating system. We offer an extensive range of manual cast iron radiator valves in a choice of 15mm and 22mm connection including olives in decorative or plain styles and finishes to suit your traditional or more contemporary decor. Paladin manual radiator valves offer you a choice of style and the perfect finishing touch for your cast iron radiator.

How Do Manual Radiator Valves Work?

A manual radiator valve is operated by hand and can be gradually closed and opened by hand (you will need to physically go to the valve to make the adjustment) to allow less or more hot water to flow into the radiator. The amount of heat given out will be constant regardless of the surrounding room temperature.

The temperature regulation is not so accurate as when using a thermostatic radiator valve. Paladin sell two types of manual cast iron radiator valves, straight or angled, our angled radiator valves are in stock but the straight radiator valves require special order and we can get them delivered to you within 4 days. We can despatch manual valves in stock within 24 hours.

Chelsea Manual Radiator Valves

Our Chelsea manual radiator valves in antique brass Our Chelsea manual radiator valves in polished chrome

Our Chelsea manual radiator valves are available in 15mm connection in a choice of finishes: Antique Brass, Brushed Nickel, Polished Chrome, Black Nickel and Antique Copper.This manual radiator valve, with its plain uncluttered design, is perfect for the traditional or modern room.

Chelsea manual radiator valves

Lambeth Manual Radiator Valves

Lambeth manual radiator valvesLambeth manual radiator valves

Our Lambeth manual radiator valves are available in 15mm connection finished in: Polished Brass. This manual radiator valve is perfect for the gold traditional towel rail or indeed the cast iron radiator when finished in rich golds to match your décor.

Lambeth Manual Radiator Valves

Buckingham Manual Radiator Valves

Buckingham manual radiator valves Buckingham manual radiator valves

Our Buckingham manual radiator valves are available in 15mm or 22mm connection finished in burnished brass. A very popular choice for the cast iron radiator within a traditional setting adding an extra authentic edge to any cast iron radiator.

Burnished Brass Manual Radiator Valve

Burnished Brass

Graphite Grey Manual Radiator Valve

Graphite Grey

English Pewter Manual Radiator Valve

English Pewter

Eton Manual Old School Radiator Valves

Our Eton manual radiator valves are available as 15mm with 3/4" bsp inlet connection adaptation as standard. Finished in Antique Brass & Burnish, Brushed Nickel & Burnish, Polished Chrome & Burnish and Polished Brass and Burnish. Traditional old school manual radiator valves with a Bakelite wheel head.

Eton Manual Old School Radiator Valves

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