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Churchill Cast Iron Radiator

Our Churchill cast iron radiator is suitable for low bay windows and conservatories as well as loft conversions and for all rooms with low roof elevations. Our Churchill cast iron radiator lends itself for both contemporary and traditional settings and many of our clients have utilised this radiator with the idea of building a bench over it for extra seating in hallways, utility rooms and bay windows. For such a low standing radiator at 350mm high the heat efficiency of the Churchill cast iron radiator is excellent.

Our Churchill radiator is perfect for the electric cast iron radiator as in lofts and conservatories there may well not be wet plumbing so therefore the Churchill radiator can stand alone with an electric element to heat the room. A traditional Victorian cast iron radiator carefully recreated to be an exact copy of the original, a timeless classic.

Our Churchill Cast Iron Radiator 350mm

Churchill cast iron radiator 350mm
From £29.79 (plus VAT) per section

Custom built from 3 to 30 sections

Custom finish your radiator

Custom built to sizes from 3 – 30 sections and can be custom finished in the colour of your choice or hand polished. Supplied complete with plugs, bushes and air vents with ½ inch or ¾ inch connections. Delivered custom built and finished ready for installation.

Electric Churchill cast iron radiator

Electric Churchill Cast Iron Radiator

An electric Churchill cast iron radiator is the answer if you have no wet plumbing in your building or a particular room is not attached to an existing wet plumbing system. All of our Churchill cast iron radiators up to 2000 watts in heat output with a minimum length of 650mm can be transformed into a Churchill electric cast iron radiator. Please see our electric option page for more details.


All Paladin cast iron radiators are carefully custom hand built and finished to your requirements. Our Churchill cast iron radiator is hand built in our UK workshop by our skilled technicians to sizes from 3 - 30 sections and can be custom finished in the colour of your choice or hand polished. They are tested to BS EN 442 certification standards and covered by our 10 year guarantee. It is delivered to you complete with plugs, bushes and air vents with ½ inch or ¾ inch connections ready for installation.

Our Churchill Cast Iron Radiator

Our Churchill cast iron radiators are pressure tested ready for plumbing into your new or existing heating system. Each radiator has a maximum working pressure of 4 bar (tested to 6 bar max). Delivered to site in 3 to 30 sections or the Paladin Workshop Team will assemble larger radiators on site if a longer radiator is required. Our Paladin Team can provide a full specification sheet with all measurements required for installation. Our team can also help you calculate the BTU heat output required for each room along with helping you find the right radiator for your wall space.

Our Churchill Cast Iron Radiator Is Easy To Install

Our Churchill cast iron radiator is easily installed to your existing heating system. Whether you decide to have our cast iron radiator in every room or you just want one radiator as a feature in a special area they will install onto a modern system with ease.

Choose from a wide range of colours and paint effects to finish our Churchill cast iron radiator or alternatively choose the beautiful hand polished finish. Don't forget to look at the stunning range of Paladin's antique style thermostatic and manual radiator valves and fittings to complete the total look of our Churchill radiator.

Radiator Valves and Fittings

The Painting Service

Hand Polished Service

Contact Us if you feel you want to talk over your ideas and thoughts regarding your Churchill column radiator choice. We are here to help and can provide a free quotation within 24 hours.
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