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Cast Iron Radiator BTU Calculation

Your BTU calculation for your cast iron radiator is important to get right especially as each home is different with many variables that can affect your heat output required. The best person to advise you is a plumbing or heating engineer on site or alternatively contact the Paladin Team who can calculate your BTU requirements with just a few facts about your home or indeed from any architect plans you may have to send us.

How Is Heat Output Measured?

There are two recognised measurements for heat output; BTU's (British Thermal Unit) and Watts.

Why Is It Important To Get It Right?

A wrong BTU calculation for any room can leave you without sufficient heat during a cold snap or cause you to waste money on a radiator that is far too powerful for your room space. If your radiators are chosen too large for each room space they will be less economical to run. Some installers get around the complex issue of heat loss calculations by offering radiators that are too big and suggest thermostatic valves so you can turn the temperature down, this is clearly not ideal and you can waste money doing it this way.

How Can The Paladin Team Help You To Calculate Your Heat Outputs?

All we need to know is the answer to the following questions for each room, its as simple as that:

Room size = Width, Height and Length.

The number of outside walls each room has.

The type of room it is, example: kitchen, bedroom etc.

The floor the room is situated on ie ground floor, second floor etc.

Do you have double glazed or single glazed windows?

Do you have wall insulation?

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